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Eclipse, Brollysheet and Book Special Offer 2024

Brolly Sheets | Bed Pad with Wings | Mattress Protector (Color)
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Save 20% on a Brolly Sheet, Eclipse Wireless Bedwetting Alarm and the book "Everything a child needs to know about bedwetting" by Dr Yemula.

(Offer only available in New Zealand and Australia)

  2. KING SINGLE WATERPROOF SHEET -  Brollysheet bed pad with wings(also fits single bed)
  3. BOOK -  'Everything a child needs to know about bedwetting' by Dr C R Yemula
  4. FREE DELIVERY within Australia and New Zealand

    Brolly Sheets Demonstration

    Learn more about Brolly Sheets

    Brolly Sheets FAQ

    Cold or warm gently machine wash. Tumble dry on low heat or line dry in shade. Do not iron. Do not dry clean. Do not use fabric softener. Do not use bleach.

    It is a good idea to wash your brolly sheets before use as this will soften the fabric and increase the absorbency.

    It’s a good idea to have two – one on the bed and one in the wash – so you’re never caught out. What’s more, they’re a cinch to wash: simply throw in the machine and then in the dryer or on the line.

    DRI Sleeper Eclipse Demonstration

    Watch the Eclipse demonstration video

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 22 reviews
    Monique W. (Auckland, New Zealand)
    Amazing results, highly recommend!

    We purchased the eclipse special and an additional brolly sheet in anticipation of nighttime changes for our 7 year old. The booklet that came with it was excellent, very informative and just gave us tips we hadn’t thought of before.
    Our 7 year old had never had a dry night, but never had an issue with day time toileting. Within a week of using the alarm, we had around 2/3 dry nights in a row. It’s now been 2 months and our boy has been dry for 3 weeks consecutively, 4 of those nights now without the alarm.
    Cannot recommend enough, we are so impressed with this alarm, thank you for helping out bout be confident enough to be able to now go to his friends for sleepovers!

    We are so pleased he is now confident enought to go for sleepovers. He has done a great job getting bedwetting sorted!

    Chantelle W. (Victoria, Australia)

    My 8yr old daughter has finally had success with dry nights since using the Eclipse alarm after it was recommended by a paediatric urologist. It has been a life saver! 4 weeks dry now and counting.
    The brolly sheet is fabulous product, is great value for money and a great size for the bed.

    Congratulations that is wonderful news! We wish her all the best for the future.

    Damien E.H. (South Australia, Australia)
    Everything great

    No problems with the unit after 3 weeks of use, brolly sheet is of very good quality.
    overall excellent product and company.


    It has worked wonderfully and fast for our 8 year old we had tried everything still odd accident but not every night.

    Sounds like rapid progress is being made! Great effort.

    Paige S. (California, United States)
    Great customer service

    I was blown away by DRI sleeper’s customer service team.  Not only did they reply to my inquiry quickly and pleasantly, but they also resolved my issue immediately.  Rarely do you encounter a customer service team with this degree of professionalism.  I am a very happy customer!

    T. S. (Western Australia, Australia)
    It works!

    Purchased and used for about 6 weeks for my daily, heavy bedwetter (4years 9 months). Slightly less than a month of use, and she was dry every night. Unit is wireless, slim and discreet, and so sensitive that it triggers at the slightest hint of moisture. We used carefree panty liners to hold the sensor, and towards the end of her training these were enough to even catch those few drops before she woke. Dry PJs! Between this sensitive unit and the Brolly sheet I saved so much washing - a definite bonus! I was worried as the alarm didn't even wake her for the first two weeks (very deep sleeper), but we persisted and the hints in the books really helped. Don't hesitate, do it! Ignore google, your mums group and the mother-in-law ;) Listen only to the book and not all the conflicting advice to keep yourself sane.

    Thanks for the great feedback. We are so glad you found the book helpful.

    Jessica (Auckland, New Zealand)
    Worked like a charm

    We bought this for my 7 year old who was wearing pull ups and a very heavy sleeper. We tried all different techniques but nothing was really working. When I suggested the idea of an alarm to wake them, they were open to try. After only 2 weeks of wearing the alarm to bed, they started waking up on their own to go to the toilet with very few accidents. Oh and I don’t have to buy pull ups any longer. Highly recommend this alarm, works for even the deepest of sleepers. Cheers!

    What a great result! Congratulations :)

    Lynette T. (Auckland, New Zealand)

    Purchased for a Grandie. It has been amazing to see the change in our little person as his confidence has grown since using the dri Sleeper alarm. The results were noticeable after just a few days. Thank you for a wonderful product. I will definitely be recommending it.

    Jade T. (Otago, New Zealand)
    An incredible change

    We bought the wireless alarm for our daughter who is 7.5yrs old. She has never had a dry night and was starting to get embarrassed about having to wear a Drynite at sleepovers. She is a very deep sleeper and even when she is wet she doesn't wake up. We started using this 7 weeks ago and just inserted the alarm in a Drynite. We did the prep each evening for the first 3 weeks (practicing what happens when the alarm goes off). After about a week we went from having the alarm go off twice a night to just once a night. The alarm has never woke her so I would go in and get her up. Now we are 7 weeks in and she is currently on her 9th dry night in a row which is amazing. It has made such a difference and although we are still working on it, there has been an incredible change to all of us. Thank you

    Congrats! Good progress is being made :)

    Nic B. (South Australia, Australia)

    Eclipse, Brolly Sheet and Book Special Offer