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Bed wetting boys

November 08, 2018 4 min read

Young boys are naturally into all sorts of things, and as a parent, keeping tabs on everything your young boy is up to might seem like a daunting task. With their bouncy, naturally curious nature and uncanny interest in many worldly things, boys are a challenge with much reward. Their busy nature and keenness to engage in any activity can often be adversely affected by bed wetting, so it’s always a good idea to identify and treat the problem early.

Would your son wish to miss out on a birthday sleepover because of his fear of bedwetting? No parent would agree with this.

With this said however, it’s not always easy, as some boys can tend to brush bed wetting aside - they might not put much focus on it as being a problem, and are always eager to get on with the days activities. Part of this might also be that boys aren't as good at discussing problems with mum or dad as girls tend to be, it may be a case of your boy pretending that bed wetting is less of a problem than it really is. After all, it happens during the deepest of sleeps, so is right out of their control.

Overcoming bed wetting in boys is not at all impossible, and with your help and your sons enthusiastic nature on his side, overcoming a boys bed wetting is very achievable.

As with most bed wetting cases, the chances are that your boy is more likely to be a bed wetter if you or his other parent was a bed wetter. Research has proven that genetics is a leading cause of bed wetting problems, known as enuresis, so if you can recall the trouble you had with bed wetting then it pays to keep extra focus on your son as he develops through the ages of 5 and beyond. Also keep in mind that boys develop a little slower than girls do, in general, so it’s not at all unexpected that a boys bedwetting might go on for a little longer than with girls, and take a little longer to treat. Each child is totally unique however, so we are talking on average here.

When you notice your boy is wetting the bed, or you think he may be having the first signs of trouble with bed wetting, its then important to be ready to talk over with him some of the key points about it, and make sure that your ready to help him overcome the problem. Sometimes children feel that they are going through this alone, and might feel distanced or out of depth when it comes to getting help. As a parent, its vitally important to sympathise and comfort them, ensuring they feel your unconditional support. Sit and talk with him in a non-threatening place or environment, ensure he knows that this is a common thing and it’s simply part of ‘getting big’ or ‘growing up’. It wont last forever, and let your boy know you will help him out of it. Make sure he feels like he is not alone, and can come to you at any time for help and support. As a parent, you need to make sure that you don’t place undue focus on the negative aspects of bed wetting, make sure your boy knows that you will act with calm and patience when he wets the bed, and not over react to more washing, or a wet mattress. This is the first step in treating your boy’s bed wetting.

The next step in the treatment of your boy’s bed wetting is to start a process that will lead to ending the bed wetting and making him feel like he has helped in his own recovery. Boys get very proud when they feel like they are part of a ‘team’ and have helped solve a problem. One such treatment process that has been proven through actual audited research, is the use of a bed wetting alarm system. These alarms work by detecting when your boy is expelling the first drops of urine, and let off an audible tone that in turn wakes him and lets him know he has a full bladder and should be up and off to the toilet. Just how does this help him to stop bed wetting? Lets have a look at the process that the alarm trains your boy to respond to.

Your boy is bedwetting because he does not naturally produce enough of the specific hormone that tells his brain ‘my bladder is full, wake up’. With this lacking, he sleeps deeply and urinates without waking at all, during the night. By using a bedwetting alarm, your boy is trained to ‘awaken’ right at the point where his bladder is full, just as the first drips escape and hit the sensing surface. Over time, the process trains him to wake when his bladder is full, and he naturally starts beating the alarm by waking up before it sounds. Your boy can then get up, and go to the toilet during the night without wetting the bed.

Anzacare bed wetting alarms have been designed from years of research, testing and refinement to be perfect for the task of curing bed wetting for all ages, especially your young boy. There are several reasons why the bed wetting alarm is perfect for this, including:

  • Boys love ‘gadgets’ and technology. They will be amazed at having a device just for them.
  • The colourful design and ‘rocket’ like shape increases a boys buy-in towards using it.
  • It is comfortable and discreet to use, see our bedwetting sensor solutions for ideas.
  • It will help in curing his bed wetting, which grants your boy a huge self esteem and confidence boost.
  • They are low cost and boast over a 90% success rate among our many thousands of customers.